Would you like to borrow money and go fast? Are you thinking about an instant loan? The fast credit solution is advertised for each credit rating. Even an instant loan without credit bureau is offered. Which contribution loan is suitable for you, which loan procedure expects you, illuminates the contribution.

Borrow money – instant loan, the fast loan solution

Borrow money - instant loan, the fast loan solution

Borrowing money is not an end in itself. A particular goal is always pursued when money is to be lent. Very often, fast action is required. The necessary savings are not enough to fulfill the desire to seek a quick loan solution. Typical situations are caused by special offers, which are reduced in price only for a certain period, or by unexpectedly high bills.

The choice of credit usually falls on a small loan. Small loans or instant loans, up to a maximum of € 5,000, are subject to a simplified procedure. Borrowing money through an instant loan, convinced by low interest rates, high comparability, little to submit documents and a quick payout. For comparison, so that the pressure on providers to offer low-cost loan solutions, ensure credit comparison portals. Loan comparison calculators list regular instant loan offers and also show immediately what rate of installment is to be paid monthly.

It is particularly convenient to simply click on the desired offer and fill in the online loan application. The immediate credit commitment ensures planning security. Planning security for regular instant loan offers is high. Given a good credit rating and correct inputs, the preliminary loan commitment has almost always existed.

Credit check – regular instant loan

Credit check - regular instant loan

A regular instant loan is usually not only the cheapest, but also fast way to borrow money online. The test procedure is greatly simplified for “real” instant loans. Testing is done in the simplified procedure. Very few documents are to be submitted. Usually it is sufficient to attach only the last pay slip as proof of income. The actual credit check is computer-aided.

The program checks if the score is within the default parameters. To be on the safe side, a credit bureau extract is also pulled. It serves as proof that there is no negative entry that may not yet have been recorded by the scoring system. For the clerk, the credit check is effortless.

He ensures that the loan application was made in accordance with the law. At the most, he will manually check whether the specified income matches the salary statement. By his OK, the system initiates the payment. It takes about seven to ten working days from the day of the mailing, then the money is in the account.

Instant loan – borrow money from private

Instant loan - borrow money from private

Occasionally, advertisements can be found that promote an instant loan from private, at least subliminally. Lending money privately may have many advantages, but instant lending is not a strength of private lenders. The process of applying for a loan from private investors is not comparable to a bank’s quick credit check.

A private loan can certainly be granted within a day or two, but the rule is not. Much more common are bidding procedures in which the loan request only after two weeks or longer sufficient bids. The advantage of borrowing money, from private, lies in a fair credit balance at market interest rates despite poor credit rating.

Instant loan with bad credit rating – despite credit bureau

Instant loan with bad credit rating - despite credit bureau

An instant loan despite credit bureau or despite bad creditworthiness is advertised above all by credit brokers. Intermediaries such as Bon Kredit offer a service that is very similar to a “real” instant loan. The application is conveniently made via an online document. The credit check, unlike the regular instant loan, carries out the commissioned agent. With just one application, the credit prospects of various banks can be checked.

The agent unfortunately has no influence on the final credit check. Borrowing money with bad creditworthiness can not be tested in the simplified procedure. On the contrary, the credit rating of credit bureau speaks against a loan. Only by documents and a comprehensive individual credit check the credit rating of the credit bureau can be invalidated.

The mediator is an important link here. He helps to ensure that the right documents are submitted from the beginning. Even with approval problems, the intermediary is on the side of the borrower. If the credit check works out right away, the instant loan, despite credit bureau, is almost as fast on the bank account as a regular loan. Only serious can promise that no one.

Instant loan without credit bureau – foreign credit offers

Instant loan without credit bureau - foreign credit offers

Advertising for the loan without credit bureau knows hardly any restrictions. Borrowing money without credit bureau seems to stop at no credit line. The advertised payment speed, in lightning loans and instant loans, arouses to amazement. If you read only the advertising slogans, you might think that the requested money would already be in the account 24 hours later. The fine print states that the loan will be paid within 24 hours of the final approval.

However, it may have been between one and two weeks or even up to four weeks by that time. Virtually all current loan offers without credit bureau, as far as comprehensible, refer to a credit bank from Liechtenstein. However, Soulcredit bank offers neither an instant loan nor a lightning loan. The offer is “only” a loan without credit bureau, which is usually paid within a booking day, after the grant. Optionally, the cash payment can be selected. (Postable for an extra charge).

Borrow money quickly – Instacash

Borrow money quickly - Instacash

However, lending money quickly, which can be paid as a lightning loan within 30 minutes, is real, despite credit bureau. Via Instacash, customers can choose this loan option from the second short-term loan. For the initial application, even this extremely fast loan solution does not come around the legally prescribed application path.

So it takes about as long with the initial payment as with a regular instant loan. Borrowing money and turning on the “turbo” is then possible online.

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